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Plans on a Roll

Below are our scanned Plans on a Roll. These are very old and quality of the scans varies.

Number Map Area Date By
1 Gouldsboro    
2 Gouldsboro 1798  
2A Hancock Neck 1803  
3 Iron Bound Island 1889  
3A Reeds Pond & Union River & Surrounding Area (Ellsworth)    
3B George Freeman Property, Mt. Desert    
4 Sullivan 1800  
4A Sullivan    
5A Lamoine 1887  
5B Lamoine (Berry Cove)    
5C Lamoine (Jordan River)    
5D Lamoine (RacoonCove)    
6 Mt. Desert Island (Somesville, Southwest Harbor, Tremont) 1807  
7 Mt. Desert Island (Eastern half) 1807 James Peters
8 Ellsworth (States land) 1825  
9 Ellsworth (Jarvis Land) 1822  
10A Ellsworth (Forest Ane., Lejok St.)    
10B Surry (At Blue Hill line) 1880  
11 Surry (Patten Bay, Morgan Bay)    
12 Blue hill 1789  
12A Surry 1880  
13 Castine/Penobscot    
14 Sedgwick 1790  
15 Deer Isle 1827  
16 Orland    
17 Bucksport (2006 (½) An extension of this plan is filed in Bucksport Tax Map Drawer) 1790 Jonathan Buck
18 Orland (East of the Penobscot)    
19A Swans Island & Isle Au Haut (part of)    
19B Great Cranberry Island    
19C Isle Au Haut 1840  
19D Isle Au Haut 1836  
20 Hancock Neck    
21A Trenton 1824  
21B Trenton (Oak Point)    
21C Trenton    
21D Trenton    
22A Hancock & Township #8    
22B Hancock & Township #8   Ira Hagen
23 Verona 1903  
24 Township #32 1849  
24A Dedham (part of) 1825  
24B Dedham (part of)    
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