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Julie Curtis, Registrar

Searching Public Records

We offer two search options for the Hancock County Registry of deeds; the details are below. There are multiple public computers available for use at the Registry Office. If you have questions or concerns regarding searching, please contact us at (207) 667-8353.


AVA is a web-based search option. This option requires Internet Explorer 11 or higher OR Google Chrome for searching. Direct Search is a limited field option search which allows the user to search indexed data and print images. You are able to search AVA with a name or book and page number. Any images printed through AVA are free and will print with a watermark.

Search Using AVA


Laredo is designed for users who spend a significant amount of time searching data. Laredo is a downloadable program allowing 24-hour access to the most current information available. Laredo has a customizable results screen and users have the ability to view and print images. Laredo is a subscription-based product and does require a contract to obtain a username and password. A Laredo Agreement will need to be submitted and you must have a positive escrow account to acquire access.

* Laredo is not compatible with Apple products.

Search Using Laredo
Laredo Agreement

If you are experiencing technical issues using AVA or Laredo; please contact Fidlar Support by phone at 1-800-747-4600 or via email

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